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Thank you for your support towards ADDO Arts Company by first of all coming to our concerts. We deeply appreciate your attendance and in sharing our passion to create live orchestral music. With standards of living increasing in Singapore, costs of operating ADDO has become higher. We appreciate a well-subscribed concert, however, income from its ticket sales does not cover our operating costs. Therefore, we will need to rely on the generosity of individuals like yourself and corporate partners to support our work. Your contributions, no matter large or small, will make a real difference to the Company and to the future of the cultural scene in Singapore in areas of our work such as:


  • Adult Arts / Music Appreciation Programme

  • Music Incubator Programme

  • Artist/Composer-in-Residency Programme

  • Guest Artists Programme

  • Purchasing musical instruments and baroque bows

  • Setting up and maintaining our ADDO website

  • Hall / Venue rental

  • Recording and Documentation of concerts

  • Programme books and flyers

  • Advertisement and Marketing costs

  • Purchasing and Rental of sheet music

  • General administrations and operations


Please read on to find out how you can help us.  Thank you for considering ADDO Arts Company.





You can support ADDO Arts Company by becoming a Friend of ADDO or supporting us in a major project such as a concert as a Guardian Angel of ADDO.


  • Friend of ADDO             SGD 100 annually

  • Champion of ADDO       SGD 250 annually

  • Benefactor of ADDO      SGD 500 annually


As a Friend, Champion or Benefactor of ADDO you will receive acknowledgement in all our programmes and on our website and received, in addition, a pair of tickets to your choice concert if you pledged as a Supporter or Benefactor of ADDO.


  • Patron of ADDO                   SGD 1,000 and above annually

  • Guardian Angel of ADDO     SGD 5,000 and above annually


As a Patron, you will receive acknowledgement as the chief supporter in all our programmes and on our website and two pairs of tickets to your choice concerts.  Our Guardian Angel will receive acknowledgement as the chief supporter in all our programmes and on our website and receive four pairs of tickets to concerts of your choice.  


If you would like to discuss how you as an individual can contribute to our cause, please write to Clarence Tan, Music Director at clarencetan@addo.sg.





As ADDO celebrates diversity, taking upon itself to inspire and enrich the lives of our musicians and our communities through excellence in performance and outreach, we could only achieve our mission with the support of our corporate sponsors.




The Mozartian Experience                                  SGD 2,500 for co-concert sponsors

                                                                            SGD 5,000 for concert sponsor

Masterworks, Piano Concerto Festival               SGD 4,000 for co-concert sponsors

                                                                            SGD 8,000 for concert sponsor

Guest Artist Programme                                     SGD 5,000 and above

Artist/Composer-in-Residency Programme        SGD 5,000 and above

Music Incubator Programme                              SGD 2,500 and above

Adult Arts/Music Appreciation Programme        SGD 2,500 and above

Special events                                                     SGD 1,000 and above

Advertisement Placement in programme           SGD 1,000 and above

General Operating Support                                  any amount is greatly appreciated




  • Acknowledgment as corporate sponsors in all our programmes and on our website;

  • Logo placement and sponsorship recognition in all our brochures and programme;

  • Name recognition on tickets for your sponsored concert;

  • Advertisement facing the program page of your sponsored concert;

  • Additional promotional activities, which may add value to your sponsorship, as suggested by your company.

  • Complimentary tickets to the sponsored concert;

  • For Concert Sponsor of our Masterworks or Piano Concerto Festival, a string quartet performance at your company’s event, subject to availability.


If you would like to discuss how your company can contribute to our cause, or to advertise in our concert programmes, please write to Clarence Tan, Clarence Tan, Music Director at clarencetan@addo.sg.

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