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Keyboard Concerto in d minor BWV 1052  

Professor Seet Wen Kai, piano



Piano Concerto No 13 in C Major K.415 

Sir Leslie Theseira, piano



Piano Concerto No. 1 in e minor, Op.11

Marquise Sheila Victoria Pietono, piano 

Lady Nanako Takata, violin

Countess Hanna Krasnodebska, violin

Dr. Jeremy Chiew, viola

Madame Trinh Ha Linh, cello

Sir Damien Kee, bass

Ever wondered what a concert was like in the 1800s? 

Before the concert came to be the imposing beast we know today, salon concerts were all the rage.  A salon was a gathering of people at the residence of an influential host, held to both amuse and to educate.  At the festival this year, take a step back in time and experience music as it hasn’t been experienced for the past 200 years.  At the festival, you’ll get to hear music which would have been heard at such salons and, with the same level of intimacy.  Hosted by Lady Elanor and Maestro Clarence Tan, you’ll also learn about the music being performed and trace the development of the piano concerto from Bach, through Mozart, to Chopin.  In fact, salon music was such an influential genre that many of Chopin’s compositions include elements of the style, his piano concertos included. 


While concertos are usually associated with full orchestras and huge stages, all the concertos we will present will be in their chamber forms in arrangements by the composers themselves.  So, you are cordially invited to join us at our salon on the 23rd of August, have a break from fast-paced modern Singapore and be transported to the 1800s, enchanted by an evening of wonderfully intimate music.


Standard Tickets at $25.00 each are available from http://PCF2016.Peatix.com. 

Enjoy a 20% discount when you purchase a bundle of 4 tickets. 

See you there!