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Hoh Chung Shih

Chung Shih is a composer from Singapore with an emerging international presence with commissions and requests from Asia, Europe and America.  He has worked with some of world’s premier contemporary musicians.


He is also a guqin (Chinese 7-string zither) player.  His qin guru is Ji Zhiqun, who studied under 2 of the most profound qin masters in China currently, Gong Yi and Wu Wenguang.  His study of the ancient Chinese qin music led him to in-depth study of the Chinese literati culture which includes brush painting, philosophy and garden design.  Consquently, his interest in composition can be described as an exploration of a double intersection: one between the avant-garde and the experimental, and the other between the international contemporary and traditional Chinese literati cultures.


Chung Shih is also a sound artist, who works in interdisciplinary collaborations with MLuM, an international artist collective.

Hoh Chung Shih was educated at Raffles Institution and its affiliated Raffles Junior College.  He subsequently did his undergraduate studies as Singapore Public Service Commission overseas music scholar at King's College London where he graduated with First Class Honours in Composition and Analysis; Composition with David Lumsdaine, and Analysis with Arnold Whittall, Silvina Milstein and Christopher Wintle. 

For five years after returning to Singapore he was actively involved in various aspects of music education ranging from teaching to the revision and designing of national music curricula.  During these years, he also studied the guqin Chinese 7-string zither) with Master Ji Zhiqun. 

Subsequently, Chung Shih completed a PhD in Composition as a Presidential Fellow, studying primarily with David Felder at the University at Buffalo, The State University of New York.  There, he also studied computer music at the Lejaren Hiller Computer Music Studios with Cort Lippe and Richard Dudas.  For musicology and theory, he studied with John Clough, Charles Smith, Michael Long, Christopher Gibbs, and James Currie.  At the same time he studied Chinese Philosophy with Kah Kyung Cho, and Chinese Art with Gao Ming Lu.


Chung Shih was Visiting Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Composition at University of Redlands School of Music, and Visiting Professor with the University at Buffalo / Singapore Institute of Management Undergraduate Degree Studies Program of the Research Foundation of the State University of New York, and Principal Investigator on a project funded by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (USA) for Redlands Institute investigating the aesthetic consciousness of Southern Californian experimental musicians.  After heading Music, and the Aesthetics Department in Raffles Institution, Singapore, he was Lead Teacher of Aesthetics, and now of Music, at the Institution.  On the side, he had been composer-advisor to National University of Singapore, Interactive and Digital Media Institute, the Arts and Creativity Labs, he guest directed the Magnetic Band, Singapore first contemporary music ensemble, and he was Artist-Professor at Singapore Institute of Management Global Summer Institute.  He is currently an external consultant to the National Institute of Education (Singapore) in Music Composition.