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Perfect music has its cause. It arises from equilibrium. Equilibrium arises from righteousness, and righteousness arises from the meaning of the cosmos. Therefore one can speak about music only with a man who has perceived the meaning of the cosmos.” - Hermann Hesse, The Glass Bead Game


In a total break from the Latin texts of the traditional Requiem mass, Ein Deutsches Requiem is a psychological poem, using 16 different passages from the Lutheran Bible to make emotional points of Death; what it is to be human; a humanistic approach to the inevitable end.


Inspired by Love, this Requiem marks the landmark shift of attitudes towards traditional ideas of death. It marries the grand architecture of a large scale religious work, with its various movements and complex harmonic language; to the more human emotional intimacy and introspection of the Romantics.


Whether or not this work is the Light for furthering humanistic ideals, Brahms laid bare his uniquely defenceless expression of grief, loneliness and was perhaps only in search of comfort and equilibrium, and meaning of the cosmos.


Join us this 18 August, Friday, at 8.00pm at the Victoria Concert Hall as we bring to you Brahms's original soprano, baritone, chorus, two piano and timpani version of his magnum opus.


Johannes Brahms

Ein Deutsches Requiem, Op. 45


Clarence Tan, conductor
Sharon Frese, host
Wendy Woon, chorus-master & soprano
Alvin Tan, baritone

Leslie Theseira, piano

Abraham Alinea, piano

FRI, 18 Aug 2017, 8.00pm

Victoria Concert Hall

ADDO Chamber Orchestra would like to thank National Arts Council for their grant and 
Ossia Music School for rehearsal venue sponsorship and the towards realising this concert.