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First time to an ADDO concert?  


Here are tips to help enhance your concert going experience!


Be Comfortable


Dress Code:

There is generally no set dress code for concerts unless stated otherwise. While some patrons may like to dress more formally wearing suits and dresses, you may opt for a more comfortable ensemble of jeans and t-shirts.



It is often tricky to know when it is appropriate to show your appreciation for the performance. The cue to indicate the end of the piece and for you to applaud is when the conductor drops his/her arms and turns around to take a bow. If you are not sure, follow those around you.


Be Prompt


To ensure the concert starts on time, please arrive at the concert hall approximately 30 minutes before the concert begins. Being early also allows you time to appreciate the beauty of the concert hall and be seated comfortably. Arriving late will only runs the risk of you not being allowed into the concert hall.


Be Courteous


Electronic devices:

All noise-emitting devices should be turned off or switched to their silent mode prior to any performances in the concert hall. These devices could cause a disturbance and are a distraction to musicians and other patrons during the performances.



When John Cage performed his famous 4'33”, the audience in the hall experienced the loudest silence they had ever heard. In that painful silence, even the faintest heartbeat is audible, not to mention if one is caught whispering and could be heard in the hall. For your listening enjoyment, please refrain from talking as it is a distraction to patrons and musicians alike. Save your comments until intermission or after the concert where it will give you and your friends much more to discuss.



Enjoy the Concert!